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Injuries to "Off-Duty" Law Enforcement Officers

June 19, 2017 BY John Adkisson | Workers Compensation

If a law enforcement officer sustains an alleged work-related injury while "on-duty" for the law enforcement agency, the compensability is analyzed in the same manner as any alleged work-related injury. ... Continue Reading

Is The Injury That Occurred On Break Compensable? – Injuries On "Regularly Scheduled Breaks"

June 04, 2015 BY John Adkisson | Workers Compensation

What happens when an employee is injured while on a break? Injuries that occur during "regularly scheduled breaks" are generally not ... Continue Reading

Who Owns The Parking Lot? – Ingress And Egress In Workers' Compensation Cases

June 04, 2011 BY John Adkisson | Workers Compensation

The general rule is that an injury that occurs when an employee is traveling to or from work is not compensable because the injury does not arise out ... Continue Reading

Is Your Volunteer An "Employee"?

July 03, 2008 BY John Adkisson | General

The question of whether a volunteer is covered under an employer's workers' compensation policy seems like an easy question. Most would think that a volunteer is not an employee and therefore is not covered ... Continue Reading

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