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New Laws Adopted Make Adoptions Easier in Georgia

January 31, 2019 BY Emily Shuman | Family Law and Domestic Relations

As of September 1, 2018, adoptions in Georgia are easier. The state's Adoption Code was significantly revised, adding clarity and modernity to some laws not touched since 1990. The revisions seem to reflect the state's articulated interest in "promptly providing stable and permanent homes for adoptive children, and in preventing the disruption of adoptive placements." While the changes are vast from residency requirements of adoptive parents to assistance for birth parents, this article highlights many of the new laws. ... Continue Reading

Answers in Apportionment

August 02, 2016 BY Emily Shuman | General Liability

Appellate Court decisions this past year have provided significant guidance in the ever-developing arena of apportionment law in Georgia. ... Continue Reading

Direct Negligence Claims And Developments In Apportionment

April 02, 2015 BY Emily Shuman | General Liability

The law on apportionment in Georgia continues to develop, most recently in the areas of negligent training, entrustment, and similar claims. This is probably best ... Continue Reading

Appointment: The Court Clarifies The State Of Contribution And Indemnity

May 01, 2014 BY Emily Shuman | General Liability

Since tort reform was enacted in 2005, the Georgia law on apportionment has continued to evolve. To some extent, the Courts have ... Continue Reading

Workers' Compensation Subrogation Claims From The Perspective Of A Liability Carrier

March 03, 2013 BY Emily Shuman | Workers Compensation

This paper is intended to be a refresher on workers' compensation subrogation claims in the context of liability cases. ... Continue Reading

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