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Spoliation Law for Workers' Compensation Claims Handlers

July 31, 2018 BY Charles Hoey | Workers Compensation

Has an attorney sent you a letter demanding that you provide or preserve evidence, such as security videos, which is potentially relevant to a case? Have you wondered if a claimant is destroying or hiding any evidence which would impeach the claimant's case? These questions involve the duty to preserve potentially relevant evidence. Spoliation is the intentional, or negligent, destruction of potentially relevant evidence which a party has a duty to preserve. ... Continue Reading

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) Initiate Additional Guidelines and Information

February 06, 2018 BY Charles Hoey | Workers Compensation

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) initiated additional guidelines and information regarding the proper use of opioids and to educate doctors and patients about the opioids epidemic. Our recent update about the new CDC guidelines for prescribing opioids can be viewed here: ... Continue Reading

CDC Issues New Guidelines for Opioid Prescriptions

December 05, 2017 BY Charles Hoey | Workers Compensation

The opioid crisis in America is frequently in the news and should be. Opioids have caused an enormous cost increase for workers' compensation employers and insurers. ... Continue Reading

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