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Snap Judgment on Insurance Contract Firearms Exclusion Leads to Slap on Wrist

September 30, 2019 BY Camile Hart | Insurance and Reinsurance Law

Negligent security cases can be very costly to defend and the damages can be steep. An insurer needs to know whether it has issued a policy that effectively excludes these types of losses. ... Continue Reading

Another Line Drawn to Limit Lawsuits against Non-Resident Defendants

October 05, 2018 BY Camile Hart | General Liability

Maintaining a website is a necessary and important aspect of many businesses. A website can also impact where a business may be sued, even when the business has never stepped foot inside a foreign state. Where a business is sued in a foreign state, the business may have an affirmative defense based on lack of personal jurisdiction Whether the creation and maintenance of a website subjects the business to a lawsuit in a foreign state depends on that state's personal jurisdiction laws, which typically includes a Long-Arm statute. ... Continue Reading

Making An Offer They Can Refuse, But It's The Timing That Matters

September 28, 2017 BY Camile Hart | General Liability

Obtaining attorney fees from the opposing party is a desirable, but difficult task under Georgia law. ... Continue Reading

Out-of-Possession; Out of Liability

August 02, 2016 BY Camile Hart | General Liability

At the beginning of 2016, the Georgia Court of Appeals reversed two trial court decisions that denied summary judgment over whether an owner was an out-of-possession landlord. ... Continue Reading

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