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COVID-19 Legal Updates

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COVID-19 and Georgia Workers' Compensation Webinar

March 31, 2020 BY Posted by: Administration

Attorney Dan Kniffen recorded a webinar to assist clients through how COVID-19 is affecting Georgia Workers' Compensation. Dan covers how Workers' Compensation treats "injuries" different than "diseases" and explains how occupational "diseases" require five distinct elements of proof.

"Neither the Workers' Compensation system nor any of the other laws that might come into play here, the FMLA, ADA, many other federal laws, none of them were ever drafted with something like a pandemic in mind."

During these extraordinary times that we are living in, we are keeping our clients up-to-date with legal updates.

Watch the Webinar


Dan Kniffen has been representing Employers for 35 years in the defense of Workers’ Compensation and Employment Law cases.  Because of his unique experience in these overlapping areas, Dan specializes in guiding clients through the often complex interactions of these laws in both Litigation and Risk Management.

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