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Drew Eckl & Farnham Wins Two Legal Marketing Association Awards

October 27, 2020 BY DEF Admin

During this year's Legal Marketing Association Southeast Region Your Honor Awards, Drew Eckl's Marketing Team won first place for Marketing Management and Leadership: Internal Marketing and our Director of Marketing, Christy Walsh was awarded Member of the Year. 

Our internal branding campaign was initiated while creating our firm brochure. During this process, we determined that as part of our internal branding initiative we needed to address the following strategic goals:

  • Focused on growth and compiled the necessary information to recruit laterals;
  • Recruited diverse candidates and collected key information about internal diversity and initiatives for candidate interviews;
  • Recruited the highest level of candidates through laterals and the summer associate program;
  • Focused on reputation management to support the growth of the firm and wanted the internal brand to reflect the culture of the firm

What started out as one simple project between marketing and human resources became a complete firmwide internal rebrand. The rebrand has truly updated the culture and increased the talent coming into the firm. Each department has found ways to incorporate the new design into their daily uses and leadership has been receptive and excited for where this update will take the firm as it continues to grow.

In addition to member of the year, Christy served as the Atlanta Local Steering Committee Chair and been an active member for over 5 years. Despite COVID-19, Christy managed to continue the engagement of members and programming, as well as provide networking opportunities for the Atlanta Chapter. 

"Christy is the first to step in and help in any way that she can and her goal is for LMA as a whole to thrive within its local communities." 

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